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Off the Easel

Off the easel

Yes, I’m a bit off, but they tell me I always have been. In this case, however, I’m just off “the easel”. You see, I have this lovely photo of the rocks at Rye Beach, which I grew up playing on, that I’m itching to paint. But I cannot get ON the easel and do so until I fully internalize exactly what it is I need to portray in this painting. That’s why off the easel is probably more important than on it.

After all, the sensations, feelings and expressions we wish to convey are all formed in the off season, away from the easel. That’s why I want to call my blog, “Off the Easel”, and focus on life’s peaks, valley’s and flat lands, which ultimately give life and breath to our work. It is here that the story takes place and we become who we are. Our art is just the conversion of these moments from the space between each breath where we suddenly, and with great passion, capture life’s essence. And oh, the thrill, when someone connects with our work in some fashion as we do!

Spend time off the easel, out of the office, studio, or classroom. In these moments away, breathe deep and fill your lungs and heart to capacity with every emotion. Take the time to observe and internalize life’s events and what you’re feeling. Then return renewed, refreshed, and revived. You will find the sweet spot of flow, where all that you wish to convey falls blissfully from your hand, through a medium to the intended audience.

Or perhaps it does not, but you must try. Rest and contemplation are key to navigate the many changes which life ceaselessly throws our way. We are not the same people we were last year. We are better.


Laura Cassinari King

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